A Stretchy Pants Super Bowl

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Well, another Super Bowl has come and gone. A new world champion (if you consider the “world” the United Staes).

That means another Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone. With this in mind, I thought I’d give you some of my reflections about last Sunday (I know that you have been waiting anxiously for my reflections)…

1) I am happy for Peyton Manning. What’s not to like. All the women I was watching with used words like “cute, adorable, and nice” to describe him… And they’re right, he is. He is also extremely gifted at what he does and, unfortunately, his career would always be questioned with out winning the “big one” (see: Dan Marino).

2) Sunday was also a “time warp” day… That was Billy Joel singing the national anthem (it was, wasn’t it?) and Prince or whatever symbol he used to go by at halftime. It felt like I was in college again.

3) It also felt like I was in college because I wore stretchy pants to my first Super Bowl in years. What are stretchy pants, you ask? Basically warm-ups. My daughters were horrified when I came downstair to head to our Super Bowl party wering warm-ups and a sweatshirt. They wanted the normal fashion conscious dad they’ve come to know and love.

But I had different ideas. See, I was going to a party of really good friends. It was a church Super Bowl party. I know everyone. they know me. I could wear stretchy pants and it was OKAY. I wanted to play, I wanted to eat, and I wanted to lounge. Stetchy pants fit the bill on all three counts.

4) I am getting old. I actually remember watching some of Super Bowl VII. We’re now up to XXXXI or something like that. I am approaching the outer limits of my knowledge of Roman Numerals.

5) I love buffets. It’s awesome when there’s a bunch of food placed at strategic positions around a house (see; stretchy pants).

6) Top commercial: Conectile Dysfunction.

7) Fun party… This goes back to stretchy pants. It’s really cool when you are so comfortable with a group of people that you can just relax, isn’t it? Maybe you don’t really even know what I mean. When you can waer what you’d wear at home to a gathering, that’s kinda nice. I was fortunate enough to attend a gathering with folks that I can be… well… I can be me. It’s not always pretty (see: buffet; stretchy pants), but it’s real.

How often can you totally relax with people other than your own family? For me, if I’m honest, it’s been a while. I gotta be on my game, gotta look right, gotta be on top of it, together, and polished. Gotta make a good first impression, never let them see you sweat, and always be in control. The problem is, I rarely feel that way in my everyday life. So alot of the time it seems like my lotto is “the show must go on”. And it does. But it can be pretty tiring to be “on” all the time, can’t it?

As I was sitting/lying on a couch Sunday, looking at the buzz of activity around me, stretching my stretchy pants, I was reminded about how God calls us to live in community with one another. Sure, we were worshiping together on Sunday morning… but we were also worshipping together on Sunday night. We were sharing a meal (or in my case, several meals), we were talking, we were playing, we were laughing, we were answwering trivia questions (actually, I was the only one actually answering the question– which was “What Super Bowl did Timmy Smith set the Super Bowl rushing record in?”– turns out I was right and everyone else was wrong… but really, it’s not a big deal). The point is, we were having a lot of fun.

I think God likes that. And I know he was there. And I bet he even liked my stretchy pants.

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2 Responses to “A Stretchy Pants Super Bowl”
  1. Dug says:

    Sorry about all the spelling errors. Guess I shuld prof reed thes thinks, huh?

  2. Dan says:

    You had on stretchy pants?

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