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This week we are continuing the series we started last week on the Book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is all about rebuilding and restoring. For Nehemiah, the focus was the walls of Jerusalem that had been broken down for over a hundred years. For us, the story is about walls in our lives that need to be restored and rebuilt so that we can then focus on others.

As I always say, I want to encourage you to read Nehemiah 1 to prepare for Sunday. But I will go further… I challenge you to read Nehemiah 1 before Sunday. In over 20 years of church ministry, I have never met a believer who has struggle with reading the Bible too much. I have, however, continually heard people confess they don’t read it enough (myself included!). Why not use this series as an opportunity to read something regularly. It’s really not that difficult. I will give you a portion of the Book of Nehemiah to read each week (and I’ll try to get this out earlier in the week) and you read it and consider¬†what it says. As you read, ask yourself questions like:

1) What is hapening here?

2) What are the characters feeling?

3) What is significant?

4) Where does this relate to the circumstances in my life?

5) What does this tell me about God?

6) What does this tell me about Jesus (remember, Nehemiah can be seen as a type of Jesus)?

Those are just a few options– but the idea is to be engaged in what you are reading. The Holy Spirit will speak to you as you read… Listen to what he’s saying. Then, when we come together, I will share my thoughts and, together, we will apply these words to our lives.

Take the challenge. See what God will do.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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