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Big day this Sunday.grace2flogo-300x150

One reason it’s a big day is that we are meeting in a new location— Hilltop Community Church (see info on our “Home” page… click on “Special Event”).

HilltopCCHere’s what it looks like (see picture on right– guess you figured that out, huh?). As you look at the picture, we will meet in the fellowship hall all the way over on the left. You may want to park on the left side of the church, too (to get to that parking, you can either use the main entrance of the church at the light and drive behind it around the buildings, or use the entrance just south of the light).

The service with start at 9:15am. That’s earlier than normal… So plan accordingly. Hopefully, we’ll have coffee ready (if we can figure out how to make that happen in the new digs). We may evne have some Hilltop folks join us for our service (their service starts at 10:45am– feel free to join them if you’d like!).

I’m excited about the new room and the opportunities this move will provide!

The second reason that this Sunday is a big day is because we are starting a new series/study. We looked at some people who “encountered God” over the fall and winter (Moses, Abraham, Isaiah) and we remembered Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection with Christmas and Easter.

I thought it was time to go through a gospel– time to walk with Jesus directly. To encounter him ourselves– listen to his words; see his miracles, meet his friends. To focus entirely on his story on earth.

So that’s what we’re going to do. We’ll be studying the Gospel of Mark– and we’ll be looking at it throughout the summer (at least). And I am really excited.

As we start a new chapter in the life of our church (a new location), we will move forward with Jesus– the head of the church.

This week we will start at the beginning: Mark 1:1-8.

Mark skips over the birth of Jesus and picks up at the beginning of his ministry (there’s a reason for that and we’ll talk about it Sunday– how’s that for a “teaser”). But before we meet the main character of Mark’s gospel, we meet someone else: John the Baptist.

Who was he? What did he do? Why did he do it? What can we learn from him?

To fully answer these questions, we’ll need to gather some information from the other gospels as well. If you are interested in exploring the story of John the Baptist in more detail before Sunday, you can also read Matthew 3:1-17, 11:1-19; Luke 1:5-25, 1:39-44, 1:57-80; 3:1-22; John 1:6-9, 1:19-34, 3:22-36.

John is quite a character and an amazing man. I can’t wait to look at his story together!

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



Grace2F Men’s Cookout

Just a reminder… Get info from the article in the “Events and News” section of this website– and sign up by sending a “comment”. Jim needs to know how many guys are coming so we have enough food!

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