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This week we are continuing our series in the Book of Nehemiah entitled Hand me Another Brick. Last week, we focused on Nehemiah’s prayer in Nehemiah 1:5-11. We discovered 6 elements to effective prayer– and I thought that I would remind us of those points to consider as we go through our week…

6 elements of effective prayer

1) Praise the characteristics or attributes of God

2) Confess the characteristics and attributes of man

3) Remember God’s promise

4) Receive God’s promise

5) Make a specific request

6) Keep asking

A couple of key questions to consider as we think about prayer:

“Is there a limit to God’s power?”

“Is there a limit to God’s love and compassion?”

This week, we will grab another “brick” from the story of Nehemiah from Nehemiah 2:1-9. Read these verses to prepare for Sunday and see what God reveals to you about this story, your own life, and his incredible grace in Jesus.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



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