Be Careful What You Ask For…

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snowplow3As I write this, I am gazing out my window at a beautiful snowfall… Wait, WHAT?!?

It’s snowing again?!? What in the world is going on? This is ridiculous!

Here’s the deal. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is a beautiful area that has a change of seasons, but they are mild seasons– or, at least, it doesn’t get really cold for really long. We can get snow, but it is infrequent at best. In fact, since we moved up here in 2004, our family had not really experienced a snowfall in Virginia Beach.

We certainly wanted one. I mean, we moved up from South Florida– all of us wanted to experience a snowfall in our town. Any time the forecast indicated a chance of snow, our kids would go into a frenzy. They would wear their pajamas inside out… They’d check the weather… They’d pray for snow (I say “my kids” were anxious to experience snow in Virginia Beach– but, truth be told– Sara and I had the same desire. If snow was forecast, I would get up several times during the night to take a peek).

We figured that snow would be an incredible blessing.

Well, at the end of January, our prayers were answered. We got a boatload for this area (about 7 inches). Everything shut down. The kids (and parents) played to their heart’s content. School was cancelled for a few days. It was a veritable “winter wonderland”.

Then came the slush… and the ice…the cabin fever… and the messy wetness and mud. Two days after the joy of the blizzard, I was muttering, “I wish this would melt and spring would come”. I was cold. Wet. Frustrated.

A week after the snowfall, it snowed again. Cancelling as second basketball game (the first one cancelled one as well). Instead of excitement, my 10-year-old son was angry. He wanted to play basketball!

“I hate the snow!”, he moaned, “Why does it have to snow?!? Why, dad? WHY?”

As I look out my window this morning– and witness a third snow storm– I found myself thinking that we can want something really bad and when we get it we realize that it wasn’t what we wanted in the first place.

A snowstorm is a harmless example. We’ll get over it (although a scrimmage I arranged to make up for a missed basketball game may be cancelled tonight!).

But I think we long for a lot of things that we think we want that may not be the best for us. A different job, a spouse, financial security… a change.

One of the things that I have been trying to teach my kids lately is that they can trust that God has their best interests in mind. That they can trust him. That, although circumstances may look bad, he is still in control. He is omniscient— that means he sees all. He sees beyond the immediate. He sees the end of things. Basically, he sees what we can’t.

In other words, we think we know what we want, but oftentimes we have no idea. We think we know the answer to our problems or the key to our happiness… But, really, our vision is limited.

God knows the answer to everything. And it’s him. He knows what we really need and he loves us so much he graciously gives it to us… Even if we don’t realize it at the time. We just have to trust him.

Whether it’s snowing or not.

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