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For the last two weeks we have seen angelic encounters with Mary and Joseph. In each case, the angel delivered incredible news that reveals who Jesus is and what he is going to do.

To Mary, Gabriel says that Jesus would be God in the flesh and he is a king who will reign forever (Luke 1:26-38). To Joseph, an angel of the Lord says that Jesus was God and would “save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:18-24).

This week, we will look at another angelic encounter. This time it is with a group of shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth. As you read the familiar words of Luke 2:1-20, see if you can identify more about who the baby is and what he will do (has done). Pay close attention to the angels’ words.

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Looking forward to Sunday!

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Grace2F Happenings

Christmas Caroling at Russell House

Last year we had a large group of folks go to Russell House (a government subsidized low-income housing project) to sing Christmas carols to (and the with) the residents. It was a blast. We want to do that again this year, so here are the facts:

When:  Sunday Dec 18th at 2:45– This will be right after I preach at the Russell House church service so there will be some folks who may join us right away.

Where: Russell House. It’s just across the street from Hilltop Community Church down toward Hilltop (the entrance is right at Wolfsnare). More specifically, meet at the front door and everyone can enter together (I will already be inside and can let you in when the church service concludes)

What: Sing Carols… Even if you can’t sing. I mean Chris Adams did it last year (and he even tried to clap). Bring a smile too– the residents love that!


Christmas Eve Service

This year, all three churches that meet at Hilltop Community Church will be combing to celebrate Christmas Eve together. The service will be in the sanctuary and will start at 5:00pm and end around 6:00.

Full childcare will be provided (according to Crosscurrent website 🙂

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