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Last week we talked about the problem with most New year’s resolutions. As well-intentioned and sincere as they are they still have one fatal flaw: they rely on self. They depend on your strength, your faithfulness, your discipline, your abilities. And that is why they so often fail. I love this picture I came across while preparing for last week’s message. It is humorous, yet painfully real. Take some time to look at it and see if it seems familiar…

Jesus challenges this idea when he says,  “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (Matt. 16:24). This is challenging because it seems to be the exact opposite of the way things work in this world. And, actually, that’s true. The spiritual world is much different that the physical world.

So what should we do? Stay stuck where we are or seek improvement. The Bible is clear that God has wonderful plans for us and he will bring them to pass. The key for us is to believe him. Believe that he has already made us into who we were designed to be… Believe that he is working out all things for his glory… Believe that he has incredible good works set up for us to participate in– and he will lead us to them as we go through out the day… Believe that God the Father is as pleased with us right now as he is with Jesus.

When we believe those things, our lives will be different.

Do you believe that?

This week we will look at the second 5 biblical guidelines for 2013 that will change everything for each of us. This is going to be a great year…

Looking forward to Sunday (and 2013)!!!

Grace and peace,


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