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grace2flogo-300x150This weekend Sara and I and seven other couples (as of today) from Grace2F will be attending the “Love Like You Mean It” conference at the Founder’s Inn. It runs from Friday night through Sunday noon. I would ask that you pray for the event and for those attending.

With that in mind, I am thrilled to let you know that our own Philip Bowling will be speaking this Sunday.

If you don’t know it, Philip is a full-time staff member with Young Life. He trains leaders in Virginia Beach and helps with the Princess Anne club that his wife Katie oversees. They are a couple engaged in ministering to high-schoolers and God is using them in incredible ways.

Part of the vision of Grace2F is for people in ministry to have a place to come and get recharged for the task that God has given them. Philip and Katie are those kind of people. Another part of the vision is for us as a body to minister to each other. That’s why I am so glad that Philip has a chance to share with you all. I am so excited for you to see how God is using them and how his gifts will bless you… and you should be excited too.

I say all this because, at every church, there is a tendency for people to become so focused on a single speaker that they miss wonderful opportunities to hear from others in our body. And if we become like that, we will not enjoy all that God is doing in our midst.

So what does all this mean? It means that I want to encourage to come and worship together even though several couples will not be there. Come and hear Philip. Come and be the church to each other.

To prepare, check out John 1 and Matt. 4:19. That’s what Philip is going to be talking about.

Think of us at the marriage conference as we think of you at church!

Grace and peace,


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