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Greetings on a Monday!

Yesterday I gave everyone an assignment and I figured that I would get this e-mail out to remind and encourage you. Please read Acts 17:16-34 today. Then read it tomorrow, Wed, Thurs… every day until next Sunday.

Questions you can be asking as you read are:

1) What does it say?

2) What does it mean?

3) What does it mean to me?

Remember to pray for your eyes to be opened and for the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s Truth to you. And don’t be discouraged the first couple of days. Stay with it. And believe that God will speak to you.

I will be praying for you this week.


Remember to pray for:

Dennis’ mom– for her surgery

Danica for her newjob

Rex for healing

The Adams for their up coming move


Have a great week!


Grace and peace,


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