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I hope ya’ll had a great Sunday last weekend. Phigrace2flogo-300x150lip Bowling gave the message at Grace2F (thanks Philip– you rocked!) and several couples attended the “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference sponsored by Family Life.

It was really a great conference and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested.

This Sunday we finish our look at Abraham. We’re going to jump to Genesis 22 and the story that we all remember… Abraham sacrificing Isaac. This is an incredible encounter with God– one that has challenged me as a dad a lot in the past. But we will see something amazing this week that has changed my whole view of this story– and what it means to us.

Although we’re moving to chapter 22– you may want to read Gen 18-21 to see more of Abraham’s story. Interestingly, in Gen 20, Abe reverts to old ways–even after all he’s been through with God– and tells an opposition king that Sarah is his “sister” again. Oy veh!

We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper together this Sunday.

Have a great week and I’m looking forward to Sunday!

Grace and peace,


Our Quest for Glory ~ Troy1136224_f520

This year’s men’s retreat is March 19-21 and will be at Camp Silver Beach on the Eastern Shore like the last several year.  This years retreat is lead again by our very own Doug Haupt and its message centers around “Our Quest for Glory”.

If you have ever been to one of the Men’s retreats you know it is not just a time of setting around the campfire singing “kumba ya” and sharing a shower with men in shower shoes.  Instead, it is an interactive, and power packed adventure experience that thrusts you into living the bible for the weekend.

There is no better way to spend a weekend in March than the men’s retreat.


The retreat runs Friday night March 19 at 7:00 PM and ends Sunday afternoon March 21 at around noon.

The cost is $129 and includes all meals and activities.

You can register in 2 ways:

  1. You can go to this link and fill out the registration card and submitting it via the internet. secure.echosign.com/public/hostedForm?formid=XNHB396L624I
  2. You can fill out a registration card and church and hand it in there.

Once you have your registration card filled out and turned in you can drop a check in the offering plate at Grace2F and pay the registration fee when you can.

Let’s make this a Men’s Retreat where we have all of the men at Grace2F together hanging out and enjoying a weekend together.

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