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This Sunday we will continue our study of the Book of Acts. Our passage is found in Acts 17:24-34. Here, Paul lays the foundations for the Christian faith. He presents a number of important truths that challenged the thinking of the those he was speaking to in Athens– but also the thinking of today as well.

As we talked about a couple of weeks ago, I encourage you to read these verses each day. I know you probably read them last week and may be wondering why you should keep reading them. Here’s the answer: God will continue to reveal his truth to you each time you approach his word with an open, humble heart.

Finally, I would ask for your prayers as I go with my father to visit my uncle Moe (my dad’s brother). Moe is fading fast with cancer and my prayer is that he remains on this earth until Friday so that my dad and he can be together one last time. As difficult as the situation is there is much to be thankful for and much beauty. God is totally in the midst of this.

Have a great rest of the week… Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,


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