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Friends of Doug,

This message is not from Doug, in fact he has not seen it until now.  I am sending it from our Web Site and did not know how to take Doug’s name off.  As a good friend of Doug Haupt’s I wanted to let you know about a need of his that a group of us is trying to meet.  Doug’s car recently died and you can imagine how impossible it would be to have three kids and one car.  Doug draws a modest part-time salary from the church and supplements it with outside work.  Between his work and Sara’s painting and sewing work they’ve been able to make ends meet but there is no extra money for a car payment.  They really do feel called to continue to serve at Grace Family Fellowship as well as continuing to be involved with many other ministries.  He and Sara are very wise with their resources but their budget can’t stretch to make or to pay cash for another car. 

I’ve been really blessed by Doug as a friend and pastor.  He always steps up to meet people’s needs, fully relying on God to meet his.  Well now he’s got a pretty big need and I want to see if you would join me in being part of the solution.  Would you consider making a gift of $200 or more to help Doug and Sara buy a reliable, used car for their family?  It would be an enormous blessing.  If you can please make the check payable to “Grace Family Fellowship” or “GFF” and you can either give it to me or mail it to:

Grace Family Fellowship

904 Marshall Circle

Virginia Beach, VA  23454


Your gift is tax-deductible and you’ll get a receipt at the end of the year for tax purposes.  If you know folks who are also friends of Doug and Sara’s that you think would be kind enough to jump in on this group gift please share this letter with them as well.


Thanks in advance.  Your generosity is going to help a really good family that works hard to care for and bless a lot of families here in our community!


I pray God continues to bless you!!


Chris Adams




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