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January 19, 2007

‘Sup GFF,

I know… I know. How can the “mid-week ramble” come out on a Friday?!? That’s not “mid-week” at all. Or is it? What is “mid” really? Or even “week”. These are simply man-made definitions to provide an opportunity to control and monitor the time in our lives. Furthermore, God exists above time.[1]

Yes, the above was a lame attempt to deflect my tardiness this week. However, there is good reason[2]. And when I say good, I mean good! It’s where you’re reading this… You’re blogging. Right now—this very moment.[3] Don’t freak out… it’s okay. All the kids are doing it these days.[4]

This is our blog page. This is your blog page. Read it, enjoy it, respond to it, use it, and pass it on if you’d like. My prayer is that there is worthwhile stuff on here[5]. My prayer is that we can use it as a resource to walk the Christ-life together. My prayer is that God does incredible things with it.

Now, we’ll see.

[1] So put that in your pipe and smoke it!… Unless, of course you have a past that includes smoking illicit drugs (if that is the case, read the preceding footnote as “So put that in your sausage maker and grind it!”

[2] I say “good” but that probably is pretty subjective. Obviously you will determine whether it is “good” or not whether I say it is “good” or not. What you’ve experienced is a pastor’s use of positive suggestion. There is a whole seminary class about this. We learn great lines like, “I heard a funny story the other day,” or “…and this will blow your mind,” or “I really love to play golf, but because I make so little money I can barely afford it.”. These phrases direct the listener to a pre-determined course of thinking or action.

[3] That reminds me of the old Palmolive commercial where Madge says, “You’re soaking in it.”… Remember? (careful, you’re age is showing)… I always wondered why a beautician (that’s what Madge was) had a bowl of dishwashing liquid on her manicure table… Also—just thought of this—I’ve never, ever met a single person named Madge.

[4] I’m not saying that you should do everything “all the kids are doing”… just blogging.

[5] Remember… sometimes God answers prayers with a “No”.

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