January 12th News- New Series!

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This week we will begin a new series at Grace Family Fellowship called The Lord of the Story.

In his Word- the Bible- God gives us stories about people just like us facing the kinds of issues that we face. We see how God intervenes and interacts within the story and how those within the story respond. As we study these stories we discover that they are our story as well.

For several weeks we will look at stories from the Old Testament and see, not only how they relate to us today, but how they relate to the bigger story of God’s redemption of a fallen world.

In addition to Sunday mornings, we will use our Wednesday night Bible studies to look more deeply into each story and see how they can apply to various areas in our lives.

This week we will look at the story of Noah and the Flood. Although most of us know the basics of this story, we will learn that is a valuable and encouraging message for today. To prepare, read Genesis chapters 6-9.

This will be a great series for those of us who are familiar with many of the sotries of the Bible, but never have actually read or studied them. One goal for 2014 for our church is to become more “biblically literate”- personally growing in our knowledge of Scripture.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,






Grace2F Bible Study

Join us Wednesday nights from 7:00pm-8:30pm in the Hilltop Community Church Fellowship Hall.

The study is on the Book of Colossians.


Russell House Ministry

January 19th at 2:00pm.

Join me at the church service at Russell House to minister to the men and woman who attend.








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