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Well, I made it back from Nicaragua safe and sound (as long as “sound” includes a stomach issue which isn’t horrible, but it ain’t a picnic either!). Thanks for your prayers. I plan on blogging about the trip in the next couple of days to fill you in on the particulars.

I want to thank Tim and Sandra B. for filling in while I was away.

I also want to let you know that we will be picking back up in our message series on Abram (Abraham). Two weeks ago we looked at Genesis 16 and the stroy of Sarai (Sarah) and her maidservant Hagar (Hagar). Before we move on to another portion of Abram’s story (chapter 17), I want us to look at what Paul (Saul) says about the story of Sarai (Sarah) and Hagar (The Horrible) in the New Testament.

It’s actually pretty cool (neat). Paul (Saul) takes the exact story from Genesis 16 we looked at and uses it to explain a spiritual truth to the Christians in Galatia. In Galatians 4:21-31, Paul kinda presents a spiritual interpretation of a physical event and presents some truth that helps us to understand how God relates to us today.

So take some time to read Galatians 4:21-31 before Sunday– and you may even want to read Genesis 16 again to refresh your memory!

Be sure to check out the info below for up-coming events…

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



Weekend To Remember Update

Currently 6 couples are signed up from Grace2F for the Family Life Weekend to Remember. I think that we’re going to have a great time individually as couples– but also together!

The great news is that for the next two weeks until, February 1st those 6 couples can extend the 2 for 1 rate to anyone.  You must be invited by one of the 6 couples (that is pretty easy to do).  If you are interested in joining us contact Scott and Melissa Ringo and they can connect you with one of the couple already attending.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your marriage (or relationship if dating) that can help make it fireproof.  It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day present to your loved one that they will never forget.  Isn’t it time you invest something more than diamonds and candy into the person who means more to you than anyone else?

Watch this quick video below to get a preview of what this could mean to your marriage.

When: February 12-14, 2010
Where: Founder’s Inn, Virginia Beach
To get our group rate go to www.familylife.com/groups/extravagantlove

Weekend To Remember Preview Video

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