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This Sunday we continue to look at the life of Abram (get ready though, after Sunday we get to call him Abraham!).grace2flogo-300x150Our main passage this week will be Genesis 17. But to understand this event, we will also look at what Paul says about it in the New Testament (like we did last week when we heard Paul’s view of Abram, Sarai, and Hagar in Galatians 4). So you may want to check out Romans 4 and Colossians 2:9-15.

This is an excellent study to see how God’s story flows from Old to New Testaments in an incredible way.

On another note, there is a sign at the check in desk of the hotel that indicates what room we are meeting in. If you ever go to our normal meeting place (The Horizons Room) and we’re not there and you can’t find us– check out the sign to see where to go. We don’t get bumped often, but last week the Army moved us (and it may be the same deal this week).

Check out the “Happenings” below for announcements and upcoming events…

Looking forward to Sunday!

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I just wanted to send a quick reminder to the men of Grace2f that a group meets for coffee at the Starbucks at Hilltop at 7:00am on Wednesdays.

I also wanted to let the guys know that they are invited to participate in a men’s group that meets at the Cavalier Country Club (the Country Club not the Hotel). I have been a part of the group for about 4 years and I’ve really enjoyed it. We meet Friday mornings at 7:30am and we’re beginning a book study. The book is The Prodigal God by Tim Keller. I will be introducing the topic each week and then we split into small groups to discuss. Perhaps we could make a Grace2f group if a few of us are interested. If you want to attend, you may want to go by the book (or you can buy one this Friday at the meeting).


Grace2F has signed up to serve dinner to homeless folks this Sunday, January 31.

The facts:

ARRIVE: 2:30pm to help set up

DINNER: Starts at around 3:00pm (the dinner is catered so it is just serving food)

CLEAN UP: Finishes around 4:00pm.

After dinner there is a worship service for the people. Tim Branson is going to lead worship and we are invited to stay for the service (Dallas preaches and does a great job).

Let us know if you and/or you family can participate by contacting Tim Adams at tim.adams@verbodevelopment.org

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