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This week we officially leave the holidays behind us and return to our study of the Gospel of Mark.

When we were last with Jesus we saw him cast a demon out of a Gentile woman’s daughter, heal a deaf man, and feed four thousand people (Mark 7:24-8:10. This week we will see Jesus interact with the Pharisees, heal a blind man, and ask a very important question of his disciples.

One thing is for sure: It doesn’t get boring when you travel with Jesus!

To prepare for Sunday, I encourage you to read Mark 8:11-30. As you do, understand that the crowds are now beginning to fall away from him. This occurs during the last year of his ministry– as he gets closer to the cross.

Continue to pray for Chris Adams and his family. He is recovering very nicely, indeed, and feeling much better. Hopefully, we’ll see him Sunday!

Looking forward to seeing you all again…


Grace and peace,


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