July 16th News: Jesus Before Pilate– What Is Truth?

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Series: Walking with Jesus– 24 Hours That Changed The World

Message: Jesus Before Pilate- What Is Truth?

It is now early morning. The sun has just come up and the religious leaders now present Jesus to the Roman authorities. They begin with Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judea. In this first exchange with Pilate, Jesus responds to the governor’s questions. When Pilate discovers that Jesus is from Galilee, he sends the prisoner to Herod for judgement.

As we walk with Jesus through his time before the civil authorities, we continue to see that they can find no charge against him. Yet, the trial continues. We also see that Jesus cannot be ignored. Everyone must deal with the carpenter from Nazareth- and that is true today as well.

To prepare, read John 18:28-38 and Luke 23:10-12.

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