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This Sunday we will continue to study the Book of Acts… To prepare read Acts 9:1-19. It is the story of an encounter between Saul (who later is called Paul) and Jesus (who has already ascended into heaven… interesting, huh?).

This is the fist time in Acts that we spend some time hearing Saul/Paul’s story. We met him at the end of chapter 7 when he was holding the coats of the men who killed Stephen. At the beginning of Acts 8, we heard about him persecuting the Christians in Jerusalem which led  many to flee the city–  and take the gospel to Samria and Judea (Acts 1:8).

Now it is time for Saul to experience the awesome power and love of the risen Jesus for himself.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Grace and peace,



Grace2f will be preparing breakfast at the PIN Ministry on July 30th. Please contact Tim Adams to let him know if you can serve.


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