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This week we continue in a series that asks the question:

How Is the Church Going?

We addressed three of the main ways people evaluate a church/ministry over the last two weeks by looking at “How many People Are Coming?” , “Is A lot of Stuff Happening?”, and “Are the People Happy?” (If you haven’t heard the messages, I encourage you to listen to them in the “Messages” section of this site).

This week, we’ll talk about a fourth way to evaluate a church: “Is It Financially Stable?”

rouble coin macroNow I know that you know what that means. It means we will be talking about MONEY. That can be a touchy subject, huh? Well, I did say last week that each of these topics would get more personal, didn’t I?

The truth of the matter is that Jesus (and the Bible) talks a lot about money– and for good reason. He knows that it is a huge topic for human beings. Pastor Tim Keller once said, “If I talked about money as much as Jesus did, I wouldn’t have a church.”

I understand what he’s saying, but I also understand that we can’t ignore something that is also important to our everyday lives– something that occupies so much of our attention and time.

To prepare, read Philippiand 4:10-20 and 2 Corinthians 9:5-15. These passages provide a wonderful glimpse at the joy of giving– and the role of giving in the church.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



What’s Happening at Grace2F…

Beach Bashmyrtle-beach-big

Hilltop Community church has invited anyone interested to join them for a day at the beach for a church picnic. Bring games, sunscreen, any food you want, a towel and a smile. There may even be a surf board or two to try out.

When: June 27, 2:00pm–6:00pm

Where: 78th Steet beach access.

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