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This week we will finish Acts chapter 17. More specifically, we will focus on Acts 17:29-34– the conclusion of Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill (Aeropagus).

The last 2 weeks we’ve seen that Paul presents 6 foundational principle– 6 foundation stone– on which we can and must build our lives. To recap, here’s what Paul has already ┬ásaid:

#1: God EXISTS

#2: God is the ORIGIN of all things

#3: God is the MORAL AUTHORITY over all things


#5: Go created YOU

#6: God wants a RELATIONSHIP with you

Now Paul hits the big point in his sermon– now he is going to show how these truths come together and have a profound effect on our lives.

Join us as we, too, listen to Paul’s words. We will also be sharing the Lord’s Supper together this week.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



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