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Lots to talk about this week… Fortunately, much of it has been posted already (scroll down to read about the Grace2F Family Lunch and the Time grace2flogo-300x150Dated Men’s Retreat Info… “Time-dated” because if we don’t get you $110.00 in this weekend it ain’t happening!).

I also want to remind you that this weekend we SPRING FORWARD with the time change. What does that mean? Well, a couple of things…

1) Move your clocks FORWARD on Saturday night before you go to bed (for you legalists out there– set your alarm for 2:00am– the actually time the change is to occur; get up; move you clocks forward on hour; go back to bed; wake up more tired than those who changed their clocks before going to be on Saturday night).

2) Make an effort to prepare yourself to get to church ON TIME. You see, you are actually going to lose an hour of sleep Saturday. That means church time will come up even faster than usual and creating even more of a challenge to get to church on time (and we all know that most of you are challenged with NO time change ­čÖé ).

And you don’t want to miss this week. Why…

Well, this Sunday we finish up looking at “The Call of Isaiah”.

To prepare, read Isaiah 6 and reflect on what we’ve talked about already… God-quakes, God as a reality v. a concept; glory; Self-quake;┬áholiness; “Woe is me!”; humility; cleansing.

If you missed last Sunday (or even both weeks), click on the “Messages” button of this website and listen to the last two weeks (we put them there as a resource for you!). Immerse youself in Isaiah’s story because God wants to communicate something directly to you and the circumstances you are experiencing right now through his Word.

We will see that the God-quake, which leads to a Self-quake, will end with a World-quake. And it’s a quake that is happening today!

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,


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