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This Sunday begins an incredible week in the Church calander. It is the beginning of Holy Week. We start with Palm Sunday, move through Good Friday and finish with Ester Sunday– the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As beautiful as Christmas is, I hope that we all can appreciate the wonder of this special week. This week encompasses the heart and soul of our faith– and highlights the cross and empty tomb as realities that separate Christianity from every religion known to man.palm_sunday

This Sunday we will remember the day that Jesus went to Jerusalem for the last time. Unlike other times during his ministry, when he would tell people to keep healings and miracles to themselves, Jesus makes no effort to move unnoticed on this day. We call it Palm Sunday because people waved palm branches in celebration of Jesus’ arrival. And it is an incredible celebration– with praise and adoration flowing from the people to Jesus.

The story of this triumphal entry in Jerusalem is found in Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-44, and John 12:12-19. I would encourage you to read each of this accounts and focus on how they are the same; how they are different; and how each author tells the story.

I also want to thank Katie Adams for filling in for me last Sunday while I was working at the Grace Bible men’s Retreat. I know that she did an incredible job (although I didn’t get to hear it because the tape recorder didn’t work properly!). It is a blessing to have people in our body who can share God’s truth and encourage each of us in the faith.

Finally, I would encourage you to invite someone you know to join us this week and for Good Friday and Easter. Maybe God is preparing someone you know to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ at Grace2F!

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



Grace2F Men’s Retreat

Retreatlogo1Guys, you came up big! We had nine sign-up for the retreat and bring in the cash. This is pretty awesome when you think about it– any church would be thrilled to have 50% of the men in the church commit to a weekend retreat!

But here’s the deal: There were several guys who were not able to attend– and we don’t want to leave them out (We realize that a particular weekend won’t work for everyone— but perhaps a retreat planned further out [maybe the fall] would allow more guys to attend).

With that in mind– THE MEN’S RETREAT HAS BEEN POSTPONED to an indefinite future date. We will return the checks you have already given (minus an administrative few, of course… no, no– I’m joking).

BUT, we also want to capitalize on the fact that we got guys who want to get to know one another, hang out, learn about God, etc. So here’s what we’ll be doing…

On Friday April 16, we will have a Guys Dinner (that was supposed to be the first night of the retreat). We eat, talk, compete (if there’s something we can play against each other). It’s just that night, so we want to encourage those who couldn’t come for the weekend to come to the dinner. One thing we’ll do is talk about ideas for other things we can do as guys (golf tournament, work days, bingo–whatever) to move us toward a possible retreat in the future.

I want to thank Scott Ringo for everything he did to provide this opportunity– did you see the logo?!?– and look forward to the guys of Grace2F getting together this Spring and Summer


Good Friday Service

On the Friday before Easter, we gather to remember Jesus and his sacrifice on our behalf on the cross by worshipping, reading the stories of the crucifixtion, and celebrating the Lord’s Supper together. This is a great time to prepare for the celebration of Easter and a powerful part of the season.

This year, I am excited that we will do the service with Hilltop Community Church and their Pastor (and my friend),  Troy Smith. This is a time for all beleivers to come together and focus on Jesus.

WHEN:  Friday, April 2– 7:00pm

WHERE:  Hilltop Community Church


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