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Mother’s Day 2007. It’s here. It’s this Sunday.

One thing we all have in common is that we have/had a mom. We cannot escape this basic fact. Now how we define “mom” may differ. I have been blessed with several “moms” in my life and have learned something from each one.

My mom, Helen, was the most incredible mother to walk the face of the earth. I expect that some of you may question that assertion… go ahead. But I’m right. I know it because she was my mom and she was the best. My mother was a servant in the most dignified and majestic sense of the word. She gave herself away, and in doing so, glorified God. She was a woman of faith and beauty, gentleness and grace.

My mother-in-law, Sally, is the most incredible mother to walk the face of the earth. I expect you may question that assertion… go ahead. But I’m right. I know because she is my mother-in-law and she is the best. She poured her life into her children and family. And, although they are all now grown, she continues to do so. She is a magnificent example that a mother is always a mother. She has loved me and made me her child as well. She is a woman of strength and energy, devotion and dignity.

My step-mother, Cathy, is the most incredible mother to walk the face of the earth. I expect you may question that assertion… go ahead. But I’m right. I know because she is my step-mother and she is the best. She entered a family that had already been established and brought a new kind of love. Caring, giving, encouraging, supporting. We have been blessed by her laughter and her prayers. She loves with reckless abandon is a woman who nurtures and comforts, guides and magnifies.

My wife, Sara, is the most incredible mother to walk the face of the earth. I expect you may question that assertion… go ahead. But I’m right. I know because she is the mother of my children and she is the best. I see her everyday… laughing, loving, caressing, teaching, cheering… She has learned from her mothers how to be the best. She has learned from her mothers how to give herself away. I know that my kids do not realize the blessing they have in their mother… But they will. The biggest blessing, perhaps, is that– for a mom– it doesn’t matter if their children recognize their love and devotion or not. It is not a conditional thing. It just is and always will be. One of the greatest joys in life is seeing someone live out what they were created to do. I get to see that regularly with my wife as a mom. And I get to see the results. And I am grateful, moved, inspired, awed, and comforted in the process…

Motherhood is an incredible gift– to all of us. There is a beauty and mystery in the way God put it all together that absolutely boggles my mind. We get to experience the beauty and mystery every day.

See, you may think that I have been contradicting myself by saying that several mothers were the best. I am not.

In all moms, we see a glimpse of God. His love, His grace, His compassion, His guidence, His mercy… Although moms are not perfect– they make mistakes, they mess up, they have regrets– they are moms… and they are all the best because they allow us to see a love that we would not be able to see otherwise.

So, what do you think of Mother’s Day?

How would you define “mom”?

What have you learned from your mom(s)?

It may not be the easiest exercise to ponder these things… But I think it’s worth it. I know that I am going to enjoy Mother’s Day this year having written this! I gotta go and make some calls…

Grace and peace,


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4 Responses to “Me and Mama”
  1. Katie says:

    This morning I was in Tucker’s class for a “Muffins for Moms” morning and as we all shared what we loved about our kids and then prayed the Holy Spirit was so powerfully and beautifully present. All of us, with tears running down our cheeks, spoke of our gratitude for the blessing of being a Mom. Because at the end of the day you’re right Doug – it’s not whether our kids or their Dads (!) know of our love and effort for them – it’s just the gift of being able to love them that matters. I’ve read the quote “Being a mom means having your heart walk around in someone else’s body” and I know that to be true. If I can imagine my overwhelming love for my kids as the smallest fraction of God’s love for me then life becomes okay. It’s great to be a Mom. 🙂

  2. Tracy LoAlbo says:

    This was a great ramble to read this week, Doug. Even though my mother is not able to communicate or know who her children are at this point in her life, I know that she gave of herself the best she knew how. Did she make mistakes? Yes, but God is sovereign and I have learned that even though my mother did not do things the way that I choose to, she still is my mother. God was faithful to give to me other women in my life that have loved me the way my mother could not and teach me the things that I needed to know to mother my own children. I am grateful to Him for the messy parts of my life because He has taught me great things about myself through those rough times. I am forever thankful for my husband and for the children that God has blessed us with. My role of mother will never end and I am privileged to be a mother to my two precious sons and show them just a glimpse of the love that the Father has for all of us!!

  3. Ryan Rico says:

    The most merciful and God fearing woman I have ever known,

    Integrity ever shown through honesty and forgiveness,

    In every life experience pointing to a gracious Heavenly Father who is worthy of my honor and praise,

    Faithful to my earthly father over 33 years through any storm, sorrow, or loss in this life,

    Expressing sincere joy found in serving others in any kind of need,

    Tenderhearted, courageous, gentle, wise, and bold…
    …I will arise and call her BLESSED

  4. rickkva says:

    I am very jealous of you who have or have had such great relationships with your mothers. Consider yourselves forever blessed.

    I have had a strained relationship with my mother for as long as I can remember. Don’t get me wrong…I love my mother, but the love is purely an act of the will whereby I try to look out for her best interests and try to serve her in the things that she needs. There is not a lot of emotion attached. She is in an assisted living facility and I am the only family that she has in the area. I love her, but she is not easily loved.

    My brothers and I all feel emotionally distant from her. She has always been a very self-serving person and most of the time her behavior has been manipulative in order to serve her own desires.

    I don’t mean to put a damper on the whole “Mother’s Day” celebration by my comments. I was just moved to ramble a little bit about my situation which has left me longing for something I have never been able to experience. Thankfully God has been sufficient in filling the voids in my life so that I can be whole.

    Observing other Godly women who unselfishly serve their families is very refreshing and truly lifts my heart. Their children and husbands are certainly better off because of that MOM in their life and they will rise up and call her blessed.

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