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Last week we saw Jesus confront the Pharisees (religious leaders of his time). He called them hypocrites and says that “you honor me with your lips, but your heart is far from me.” Jesus goes on to explain that “fixing” your external appearance– through religious activities or even moral behavior– doesn’t change your heart. We discovered that only Jesus can give us a new heart– and the incredible news is that he readily and willingly offers that to us! In fact, he’s already done everything that needs to be donegrace2flogo-300x150 for it to happen.

This week, we’ll see what happens next. Read Mark 7:24-30 (and, if you want to check out the same story in another gospel read Matthew 15:21-28). I believe that this story is directly related to his showdown with the Pharisees in the beginning of Mark 7. To help you understand some of what is happening, here is a note describing the first verse we’ll be looking at this week (I’ll give you the verse then the note):

Mark 7:24– And from there he arose and went away to the region of Tyre and Sidon.


Jesus traveled about 50 miles to Tyre and then went to Sidon. These were two port cities on the Mediterranean Sea north of Israel. Both cities had flourishing trade and were very wealthy. 

In King David’s day, Tyre was on friendly terms with Israel, but soon afterward the city became known for its wickedness. Its king, Ethbaal, even claimed to be God. Tyre rejoiced when Jerusalem was destroyed in 586 B.C. because without Israel’s competition, Tyre’s trade and profits would increase. It was into this evil and materialistic culture that Jesus brought his message. It is interesting that he stressed the importance of inner purity just before visiting Tyre.

Check out the story and let’s talk about it Sunday!


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Grace2F Happenings


Last year we asked folks to bring in new or gently used toys for kids in West Virginia. Tim Adams’ mom lives in WV and her church has a toy drive we joined in– and Tim and Katie took them up after Thanksgiving.

We’ll join them again this year as well. This Sunday, we’ll be collecting toys to send up there. Bring them by the church and we’ll get them to kids who need them!



I also want to remind you that we try to help out Hilltop Community Church by donating necessary items to reduce costs. Here are some things that you could bring in for all of us to use:

1) Toilet paper

2) Paper towels

3) Styrofoam coffee cups

4) Napkins

5) Coffee

6) Paper cups

7) Large (over 39 gal.) garbage bags

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