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This week we will finish up our study on money, giving, and generosity.

I want to thank my dad for sharing last week while he was visiting– and your graciousness in making him and his wife feel so at home.

I hope that you have been thinking about the scripture passages we have been studying. This topic of money and possessions is extremely important– that’s why God addresses it in his Word so often.

One of the results of a vibrant Christian community is what one commentator calls “eye-popping generosity”. Does that describe our church? Does that describe me? What about you?

This Sunday we’re going to listen to Jesus talk about this topic. I think that’s a pretty good place to conclude our study. To prepare, read Matthew 6:19-34. This is an incredible passage that helps us to understand why money and materialism and giving and generosity can be so hard for us and create so many challenges in our lives. It also gives us some great truths to cling to and a promise to live for.

I hope to see you there…

Looking forward to Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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