September 11th News

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It was a bit strange to write the title of the post this week. Especially 10 years after 9-11. As we take time this weekend to remember the tragic events of 10 years ago, we are faced with a very common human question: how do we respond when things seem out of control, wrong, unjust, and/or chaotic?

Do you ever find your self questioning God? Wondering why events are playing out the way they are or don’t play out the way you think they should? Do you ever feel like your actions or behaviors are preventing God from blessing you and or your efforts?

I think if we’re honest, we all struggle with thoughts like these from time to time– or maybe even constantly. As we open God’s Word tomorrow, we will get some answers to the questions above– and we shall see that we can have joy and hope in a world where 9-11’s still happen. To prepare, read chapter 11 of the Book of Acts. It is the story of God working in and through people who had questions and struggles just like us.

I hope you can joins us tomorrow…

Looking forward to Sunday!

Grace and Peace,


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