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This week, we will continue in our study of Acts. Last week we looked at Acts 11 and saw the beginning of the church in Antioch. I want to stay in Acts 11 for one more week– and expound (ooo, big word) a little on Acts 11:27-30.

To prepare, you may also want to read:

Malachi 3:8-10

2 Corinthians 9:6-11

1 Timothy 6:9-10

Matthew 6:19-24

If you read these scripture, you will see that God is talking about something that effects every single one of us. In fact, it is about something we all think about or focus on every single day in one way or another. Even though this is true about all of us, we don’t like to talk about it with others and we really don’t like to hear about it in church.

Have I piqued your interest enough to make you want to read the passages above? I hope so.  But please, still come after you find out what we’ll be talking about. As God’s people, we need to hear about it. As your pastor, I need to preach about it. I pray that I have earned your trust enough for you to know that I am not going to try to make you feel guilty or manipulate you.

Looking forward to Sunday!

Grace and peace,


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