September 4th News

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Good morning and welcome to September! I know that this is a time of beginnings for a lot of you. This time of year often brings change to our daily routines…

The weather has cooled a bit (it’s nice to have the windows open!). School has started or will start for many families.¬†¬†And there are a lot of other activities kicking off (including college and pro football!).

This week we’re continuing our study of the Book of Acts and looking at a story that’s all about change, and new beginnings. It’s not about activities or routines– it’s about changed hearts and changed lives. The scripture we will be looking at is Acts 10. It is the story of a Roman soldier named Cornelius who has an encounter with Peter and through that meets Jesus Christ. And once that happens, Cornelius really¬†experiences a new beginning!

So take some time today to read Acts 10 and listen for what God is saying to you… I believe that God has something new for each of us– and we just need to trust him to receive it.

I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

Grace and peace,


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