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Last week we took a break from the Book of Mark to look at a pretty important question together: How is the church going?grace2flogo-300x150

I hear that question a lot because I’m a pastor– so that’s a natural thing to ask. But I wanted to ask you that question… because how you answer it is very important.

I hope you’ve had some time to think about it. Last week I presented 4 of the top things that most people would use to arrive at the answer…

1) How many people are coming?

2) Is a lot of stuff happenening? (Ministries, programs, activities)

3) Are the people happy?

4) Is it financially stable?

Although these seem like logical criteria to use, we discovered that they are not really Biblical. In fact, it appears that the Bible often rejects these for evaluating the effectiveness or success of a church/ministry.

This week we will continue the discussion by looking more deeply at “Are people happy?” and “Is it financially stable?”.

As I mentioned, you can engage in this conversation by e-mailing me, commenting below, or writing a question and putting it in the offering basket. My goal is to communicate what God is telling me about these issues and then to process what he may be telling you.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



What’s Happening at Grace2F…

Beach Bashmyrtle-beach-big

Hilltop Community church has invited anyone interested to join them for a day at the beach for a church picnic. Bring games, sunscreen, any food you want, a towel and a smile. There may even be a surf board or two to try out.

When: June 27, 2:00pm–6:00pm

Where: 78th Steet beach access.