The Gospel According to Judges-Judges 17

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Series: The Gospel According to Judges

Message: Micah and Corrupt Religion

In this message, we enter the last portion of the Book of Judges. We will see that the last 5 chapters actually take place soon after the death of Joshua (the beginning of the time period of the judges) and show that the people of God had strayed mightily.

In Judges 17, we see how some Israelites corrupted their religion to meet thier own needs.

November 4, 2018| Part 16: Micah and Corrupt Religion| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church | Right Click This Link To Download Audio

November 4th News

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Last Sunday we finished our study of Samson, the last judge in the Book of Judges.

This week, we continue in Judges and see that the people of Israel have strayed a great deal from God’s ways in the message Micah and Corrupt Religion.

To prepare, read Judges 17 and ask yourself what you think God wants us to learn from this passage. It is in the Bible for a reason and is, therefore, important.

Also remember that we will be having a potluck lunch after the service at the Hasty’s home (2636 Wimbleton Point Dr.), Please join us and bring something to share.

Finally, remember to bring in your Bay Bottles for CareNet (if you took one) and Christmas boxes for Operation Christmas Child (if you took one).

Looking forward to Sunday!

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