The Gospel According to Judges– Ehud

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Series: The Gospel According to Judges

Message: Ehud

In this message we look at the story of the second judge of Israel– a left-handed man named Ehud.

April 15,  2018| Part 3: Ehud| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church | Right Click This Link To Download Audio

April 15th News– Ehud

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Series: The Gospel According to Judges

Message: Ehud

After a break for Easter, we are returning to our series in the Book of Judges.

This week we will look at a vivid and detailed story about a man named Ehud. If you have never read this story before, you will be surprised at the facts the author includes in this account. You may also have some questions about the actions of the main character.

We have seen before that the Bible does not shy away from difficult topics and disturbing details, but rather, presents the world we live in in vivid color.

To prepare, read Judges 3:12-30 and ask yourself this question: What does this story mean to me and what I face in my life?

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