Jesus On the Cross-The Wrath of Man

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Series: Walking with Jesus– 24 Hours that Changed the World

Message: Jesus on the Cross-The Wrath of Man

During the first 3 hours Jesus is on the cross, we see several interactions with people around him. In these, we continue to see evil and injustice, but also God’s glorious love.

August 20,  2017| Part 9: Jesus on the Cross-The Wrath of Man

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August 20th News: Jesus on the Cross– the Wrath of Man

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Series: Walking with Jesus– 24 Hours That Changed The World

Message: Jesus on the Cross- The Wrath of Men

This week, we will continue looking at the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life.

We are now with him on Golgotha- the site of his crucifixion. He will be on the cross for six hours. Sunday we will focus on the events that occur in the first three hours– a time one theologian has called “The Wrath of Man.” In spite of the pain, the evil, and the injustice, Jesus does incredible things.

To prepare, read Luke 23:33-43. You should also read Matthew 27:35-44, Mark 15:24-32, and John 19:18-27.

Many thanks to Dallas Stamper for preaching the last two weeks while we were visiting family and Michael Hasty for setting up the church.


We will have a potluck lunch after the service at the Hasty’s house. Bring something to share (if you can!) and join us. 

Looking forward to Sunday!


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