October 31st News

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five-loaves-of-bread-and-two-fishThis week we continue our study of the Gospel of Mark by reading Mark 6:30-44. In this passage we see the story of Jesus feeding 5000 men (probably meaning at least 15,000 people!) with five loaves of bread and two fish.

Interestingly, this miracle is the only one that is recorded in all four gospels.

Most of us have heard this story before– but I think there are some amazing principles that can encourage us as we live our lives today.

Check it out and come Sunday.

We will also be celebrating the Lord’s Supper (Communion) together.

Make sure to read the announcements below…

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



Grace2F Happenings

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This weekend is a big one for Grace2F and PIN. On Saturday, October 30th, Grace Family Fellowship will be serving at the PIN Ministry Pancake Breakfast. We invite anyone interested to join us in this wonderful opportunity to serve together! Then on Sunday, October 31st GFF will serve the dinner and help with the PIN Ministry worship service.

Here are some details:

Breakfast– Saturday, October 30th

WHEN:  Saturday, October 30th.  It starts at 7:00am (I know that’s early, but it’s worth it!). Kids are welcome (they really love the start time– especially the teenagers!)

WHERE:  Beach Pentecostal (Baltic and 15th)

DINNER and Worship Service– Sunday, October 31st

WHEN:  Sunday, October 31st. It starts at 2:30pm. (Service starts at 4 or 4:30pm)

WHERE:  Beach Pentecostal (Baltic and 15th)



I also want to remind you that we try to help out Hilltop Community Church by donating necessary items to reduce costs. Here are some things that you could bring in for all of us to use:

1) Toilet paper

2) Paper towels

3) Styrofoam coffee cups

4) Napkins

5) Coffee

6) Paper cups

7) Large (over 39 gal.) garbage bags

October 10th News

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Well, the rains have stopped here in Virginia Beach (at least temporarily) and we are enjoying somgrace2flogo-300x150e spectacular fall weather!

This week at Grace2F, we will continue our study of the Gospel of Mark. Last week we looked at Mark 5:1-20 and saw Jesus change someone from a “man of the tombs” to a man of life.

In this weeks passage, Jesus encounters two more people and changes their lives forever. We will read Mark 5:21-43 and learn about a synagogue ruler named Jairus and a women who suffered with a severe health issue. Both come to Jesus looking for answers– and both experience a miracle.

I encourage you to read this week’s passage and hear for yourself what God wants you to hear. Try to see what these two people have in common– and how they are different.

You can also be praying for Bob and Sarah Linsly and their family this weekend (Bob is part of the music team– the funky guitar dude). Their son, Bobby, is getting married to Amanda this Saturday at Hilltop Community Church.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,