November 14th News

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I hope that everyone is havgrace2flogo-300x150ing a great week!

This Sunday we continue our study of Mark. We’ll be looking at Mark 7:1-23. In this passage the tension between Jesus and the Pharisees increases– and Jesus has an important message for them and us.

Check it out.


Grace and peace,



Grace2F Happenings


Last year we asked folks to bring in new or gently used toys for kids in West Virginia. Tim Adams’ mom lives in WV and her church has a toy drive we joined in– and Tim and Katie took them up after Thanksgiving.

We’ll join them again this year as well. For the next 2 weeks we’ll be collecting toys to send up there. Bring them by the church and we’ll get them to kids who need them!



I also want to remind you that we try to help out Hilltop Community Church by donating necessary items to reduce costs. Here are some things that you could bring in for all of us to use:

1) Toilet paper

2) Paper towels

3) Styrofoam coffee cups

4) Napkins

5) Coffee

6) Paper cups

7) Large (over 39 gal.) garbage bags

September 5th News

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Yesterday I stopped by Hilltop Community church on my way home from an audition and I saw Pastor Troy and Ed Lewis cutting the grass. I figured I’d help.

As I was weed-whacking around their marquee, I notice the words they put up for the week. It said, “Jesus, calm the storm!” I like that. And I like that Earl didn’t batter us as much as it could have.

grace2flogo-300x150I am thankful that we will not have to spend Labor Day weekend cleaning up a big weather induced mess. Instead, I hope you get to enjoy time with friends and family. And I also hope that you can come to church!

This Sunday we continue our study of the Gospel of Mark. We’ll be looking at Mark 3:22-30. This is an interesting passage that contains a strong warning. Read these verses and think about what Jesus is saying. I believe that some of what he says has caused many Christians a great deal of anxiety– so we need to look more closely to understand the meaning of his words.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,



Grace2F Happenings


Last week I announced that we would be having two baptisms this week. Well, that has changed. We will do the baptisms, but they will probably take place on September 19th. This is a great time to celebrate what God is doing together as a church– and Labor Day weekend was a hard time for us to be together.

So, stay tuned for the latest information on our baptisms– we will have them before the weather turns too cold! (we will do them at the bay).

Pin Ministry

Thanks to everyone who came and served at the Pin Ministry Dinner last Sunday! Over 150 people enjoyed a hot meal, the clothes closet, medical attention, and toiletries closet.

Again, I hope that everyone at Grace Family Fellowship takes the opportunity to serve this incredible and effective ministry.