Jesus and Nathanael

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Message: Jesus and Nathanael

This Sunday we take a brief detour from Samson to look at an amazing story about a man named Nathanael.

September 23, 2018| Jesus and Nathanael| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church | Right Click This Link To Download Audio

Samson-The Vengeance of Samson

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Series: Samson

Message: The Vengeance of Samson

In Judges 15, Samson gets on the weary treadmill of retaliation.

September 9, 2018| Part 6: The Vengeance of Samson| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church | Right Click This Link To Download Audio

September 9th News– The Vengeance of Samson

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Series: Samson: The Rise. The Fall. The Redemption

Message: The Vengeance of Samson

This Sunday we see the tension between Samson and the Philistines begin to boil over in a series of vengeful attacks.

How do you respond when you’ve been wronged? What happens in you head and your heart. What do you say and do? The answer to these questions has a great deal of influence on the level of peace, joy and love we experience in our lives.

This is a worthy topic for me to consider… and for you too!

To prepare read Judges 15:1-8.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,





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