The Challenge of Bios

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Have you ever had to write a bio or an introduction for yourself? It can be a strange process. I mean, what should you write about? Accomplishments? Priorities? Skills and abilities?

Plus you want to be humble. You can’t just say how great you are… But if you are too humble people may simply think, “What a loser!”

How do you describe yourself? What would your bio read like? What do you want others to know about you?

I thought about this because I wrote about myself for this site–and I was stuck trying to figure out what to say. I left a lot of stuff out– and I figured I’d add it here.

Some things you won’t find in my bio in the “Staff” section of this site:

1) I love to make my kids laugh so hard that milk comes out of thier nose (unless they are not drinking milk).

2) I am a recovering people pleaser (was that okay to say).

3) I love the music of Harry Belefonte. My dad used to listen to him when I was young, so I figured I was simply drawn to him for sentimental/nostalgic reasons. But I have discovered that I really like his stuff. In fact, I think the best concert I could imgine is  Harry Belefonte– the dude is a showman!

4) I also like Neil Diamond. There I said it.

5) My kids hate that I wear crocs with socks. I understand, but don’t care. If my feet are cold they are in socks. (I am reminded of my dad’s comment when I was a teenager that “comfort trumps fashion every time.”)

6) My wife is really one of the most amazing people I have ever met. And I am loving seeing her characteristics in my kids as they grow up. (although this one is true– I realize that I am getting brownie points for it as well).

Those are a few things about me… Want to share something aboput yourself  that we don’t know. Go ahead– post a comment with a portion of your bio.

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