What’s God Doing In Your Life?

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This is an interesting question, isn’t it? Do you have an answer?

Instead of giving a sermon/message this week, I’m going to ask the folks in our house church this question and listen to their answers. In the past, I may have tried to pass this off in an effort to “take the week off” after Easter (not a bad idea, actually…) But really, I believe it’s a question we should ask more in church. After all, I can speak for hours (and sometimes do, according to my kids), but if we don’t see God working in our lives– what’s the point?!?

It’s a good “church” question– “So Doug, what’s God doing in you life these days?”. It’s one I’ve been asked hundreds (probably thousands) of times in my 15 years of ministry (because that is a good spiritual way to lead into a conversation– and we usually don’t know what to ask each other anyway). In the past, I’ve always answered by talking about the programs, classes, groups, missions, outreach and studies that I was participating in, organizing, leading, or promoting at the time.

But I have discovered that I wasn’t really answering the question. My answer was about me or my ministry or my church or even about what I saw God doing in someone else’s life. It was rarely personal.

The hard truth is that I often didn’t have an answer. I was so busy working for God, I couldn’t see the work God was doing in me. Some of you know what I’m talking about (and you may be shocked I’m admitting it).

It’s really a question of focus. When I focus on me I see very little of what God is doing in my life. When I focus on God— well, let’s just say it’s amazing what he’s doing all the time.

A few years ago, Rick Warren wrote a great book that really captured the hearts and minds of a lot of people. It’s called The Purpose Driven Life… You’ve probably read it. I love the first words of the book– do you remember them?

It’s not about you.

A tiny little sentence with an incredible amount of truth. It’s not about you. It’s about God. History is Hisstory and everything– EVERYTHING– is about him. That’s right! That’s what I have to remember! That’s my problem. That’s why I get so tired and frustrated and angry and hopeless. I’ve been thinking this is about me and it’s not– it’s about God!

And so I tore into the book… And like a lot of other people, I think I did something that Rick Warren never intended: I looked at the rest of the book as a step-by-step manual on what I should do to make life about God and not me.

Maybe you read that last line too quickly, so I’ll say it again with some emphasis:

I looked at the rest of the book as a step-by-step manual on what I should do to make life about God and not me.

Did you catch it?

If it’s not about me, why would I develop a plan to make it not about me? Does that make sense?

The struggle we all have is that I like it to be about me. But when it is, I seem to always fall short. I mean, it’s okay— but rarely great. God has a much bigger plan for us than what we can do on our own talent, merit, strength, and abilities. He wants to do amazing things. He wants to do incredible things. He wants to do impossible things. He wants to do eternal things.

And he just wants us to let him do them in and through us. For that to happen we need to trust him. For that to happen we need to believe him . When we do, we start to see that God is a lot more active than we might have recognized in the past. We begin to see that he really is interested and in all the details of life. He is present and near.

We begin to see that HE IS GOD.

And when we see God… we experience awe and wonder and joy and peace…

So, what’s God doing in your life?

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