Back to School

September 7, 2007 by · Leave a Comment 

This week, the kids here in Virginia Beach went back to public schools. For us, this year is the least traumatic possible– all kids are returning to a school they attended last year so there is a certain comfort level… But, believe me, there is still plenty of drama.

It’s hard to start new things– even good things. There’s always a fear of the unknown, an anxiety about change, new relationships, new challenges, new routines. For parents, we realize that this is all a part of life and growing up… But it’s still really hard to send of our little darlings into the cruel, cold world, isn’t it?

It takes a lot of love and courage… and faith.

I say all this to introduce another writer to the blog. (Cue trumpet fanfare) Tracy LoAlbo sent this e-mail on the first day of school and I asked her if I could share it with ya’ll. She agreed.

You should know that Tracy is a great mom, a great wife… and she ran the Rock & Roll Half marathon here in Virginia Beach last Sunday (I had to include that because in our church newsletter– written by Tracy– she congratulated everyone but herself).

So, without further ado (I’m not sure I even know what “ado” is!– Adon’t know ado), Tracy’s thoughts…

I hope that everyone is enjoying this lovely day.

 As the day began, I reflected on when my children were born and kept asking the question, “How does time fly by so quickly?”  This morning I placed my sons on busses for the first year of middle school and the first year of elementary school.  I walked in the door choked up and with such mixed emotions.  I love this stage of their lives, but I mourn for the time when they were babies and so dependent on me.  I know that a parent’s responsibility is to love, nurture and teach our children so that they can fly when they get older, but why is it so hard???    Later in the morning I attended a prayer meeting for Moms all over Virginia Beach.  As I prayed a peace came over me, a peace that passes all understanding.  God whispered, “I am with Landon and Dalton and will take care of them….trust me.”  I do trust Him and am so thankful for the hope that is in Jesus.  I am so thankful that He reminds me everyday to cherish every moment with my sons.  I pray that all of our children have a wonderful school year and that God blesses them in ways that we cannot even imagine!!!