Doug Haupt, Pastor

After working in big churches for about 14 years, in 2006 God called me to be part of a house church. I get to teach from the Bible and share life with an incredible group of folks. In November of 2008, we became a hotel church and I’m excited to see what God is going to do with us in the days, months, and years ahead.

One change I’ve experienced since moving from a “big church” experience to a small one is that I need to do many different things to supplement my income (the kids still desire 3 squares a day and a place to sleep!). This has led to a various array of occupational opportunities including demolition for a general contractor, motivational speaking, consulting, video production, interior painting, stand-up comedy, and piracy (yes, I was a Pirate for a company that ran adventure boat tours for kids). In fact, the picture you see is my headshot for acting (another of my many occupations) and the other one is from the TV show One Tree Hill. This has been an interesting lifestyle for the last ten years as my family and I have experienced God’s provision and faithfulness in ways I had never experienced before.

The adventure with Grace2F has been the same way. We are a church learning to trust and follow God wherever he leads.

Here are some other vital stats:

Family:  Sara (wife); Greta, Emma, Hayden (kids); Sparky (dog)

Hometown:  Pittsburgh (more specifically, Bethel Park– for yuns from Pittsburgh)

College:  Wake Forest University (our mascot is the Demon Deacons… a strange mix)

Seminary:  Reformed Theological Seminary