August 21st News: A Word of Encouragement

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Series:  1 John

This Sunday we will continue our series on the Book of 1 John.

After three guest speakers in four weeks, we are ready to get back into our study of 1 John with renewed vigor. John has provided some challenging thoughts for us to ponder, and this week, he will provide a word of encouragement to all who believe.

To prepare, read 1 John 2:12-14. As you ponder these words, try to discover who John is talking to and what he is saying. I believe these are incredibly encouraging words wherever you are in your Christian walk.

Thanks to everyone who brought food for our potluck lunch last week. It was a great day as we hosted Kimberly Logsdon and her husband Barry from CareNet and several of our friends from the Hilltop Gospel Church at Russell House.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,





G2F Bible Study

We will be taking the month of August off from our Wednesday night Bible Study.


Prayer Ministry

Do you need prayer? Our prayer ministry wants to pray for you! Look for Prayer Request cards by the offering basket. Fill one out and put it in the offering basket– or find the prayer table after the service and pray with someone.






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