God’s Relentless Pursuit

This past Sunday during our musical worship time, we sang a song called Reckless Love. To lead into this time, Dale read a devotional from First 15 Devotional.

I wanted to share it with all of you…


God’s Relentless Pursuit – April 2 (First 15 Devotional)


So often we view God as an enforcer of religious rules. We see the commands of Scripture as a list of to-dos rather than a path leading to abundant life. But those perceptions aren’t the truth of Scripture. Those beliefs are founded on misguided notions of God’s character. God is after the heart. More than he wants us to do right, he wants us to see him rightly. He wants going to church, reading the Bible, worshipping, serving the poor, and living righteously to come from a heart filled with a true revelation of his loving-kindness.

The foundation for our faith is not meant to be built on our works or our understanding, but rather on God’s relentless pursuit of us. We have relationship with our Creator not because we sought him out, but because he is always pursuing us. (“We love because he first loved us 1John 4:19”) Any elements of Christian spirituality at work in our lives are the result of his constant grace drawing us deeper and deeper into the abundant life Jesus died to give us. Faith built on anything else but God’s pursuit is faith built on our own strength—an unsure and consistently failing foundation. Ephesians 1:16-18 says:

I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers, that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him, having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints.

There is nothing we could do to keep God from pursuing us. There is no sin too great, no distance we could run, that would discourage God from loving us. From the moment you were born God has been pursuing your heart. His greatest longing is for relationship with us. Don’t let a wrong understanding of who God is cause your relationship with him to be works-based. Don’t let your sin and failures get in the way of running to the open arms of your heavenly Father. God is after your heart right now. He’s sweetly knocking on the door of your heart that you might simply let him in.

Let’s worship.






Lectio Divina- “Divine Reading”

As we continue in our series Walking with Jesus, we will be exploring scripture through a practice called Lectio Divina or “Divine Reading”. You can participate individually and as we go through the process during our weekly Bible study.

Below is a description of how to apply this practice to daily scripture reading.


Lectio Divina: “Divine Reading”

Lectio Divina, or “Divine Reading,” involves meditative listening to the reading, out loud and slowly, of a short passage or a few isolated verses of Scripture. It can be down on your own or with a group. Those who listen are encouraged to set aside analysis, and what they “know” already about the passage, seeking instead to open themselves to God’s word, listen with their hearts, and receive it expectantly and passively. They then attend to what they receive from God. God’s word is received personally, as an individualized gift to each person.

Lectio Divina, on your own

  • Choose a short Scripture passage for your meditation, and it is to be read out loud slowly. Quiet yourself and ask the Holy Spirit to guard and guide your meditation.
  • First reading. One-minute silent reflection before God. Take notice of whatever captures your attention in the passage or in your inner experience.
  • Second reading. One-minute silent reflection. Listen for a single word or phrase that particularly strikes you.
  • Third reading. Three to five minutes of silent reflection. Listen to how the passage seems to touch your life experience.
  • Fourth reading. Three to five minutes of silent reflection. What do you feel the passage might be inviting you to do? What is God inviting you to be? How is God inviting you to change? Spend some time in prayer over what you received from God’s word, and give thanks for his gift to you.

Lectio Divina, with a group

  • Begin. One participant opens with a brief, spoken prayer.
  • Read. Another participant reads the passage aloud, slowly.
  • Reflect.  
After one minute of silence each participant writes down an answer to the question, “What word/phrase caught my attention?”
  • Share. 
Each participant shares his/her word or phrase without comment.
  • Read.
 Another participant reads the same passage aloud from a different translation.
  • Reflect. 
After three to five minutes of silence, each participant writes down an answer to the question, “Where does this passage touch my life experience?”
  • Share.
 Each participant shares his/her answer in turn, without comment.
  • Read.
 A third participant reads the passage aloud from yet another translation.
  • Reflect.
 For three to five minutes participants write an answer to the question, “From what I have heard and shared, what is God inviting me to be? How is he inviting me to change?”
  • Share. 
Each participant shares, beginning, “I believe God wants me to …”
  • Pray.
 Each participant then prays aloud for the person on his/her right, praying only for what that person expressed in the prior step. (Option: each person continues to pray for that person throughout the day or evening.)

Notes for group Lectio Divina

  • Leader preparation: Select a short passage of Scripture. Having three translations available will add richness, but this is optional. Allow approximately 25 minutes for a group of five, longer with more participants. A digital timer or stopwatch is helpful.
  • Group preparation: None, except access to pen and paper.

Source: Material adapted from Sacred Companions by David Benner, 2002 by John Smed, Grace Vancouver. Materials used with permission, Redeemer Prayer Conference, June 2006.





Grace Family Fellowship Night of Worship & Prayer

I just want to remind everyone that we are having a Night of Worship & Prayer at the church at 7:00pm.

I know the weather is bad, but it is always a good time to focus our hearts and minds on our incredible God. I hope you can join us!


Grace Family Fellowship Bible Study– July 6th & July 20th

This month we will have a Bible Study on Wednesday July 6th and Wednesday July 20th. The study runs from 7:00pm until around 8:30pm. In July we will meet at Beverly Foley’s home at 883 Bobolink Drive.

Here is a map with directions from our church:


Questions For God: Eyes On Eternity

As we continue our series focusing on Randy Alcorn’s book The Treasure Principle, we have been looking at some “Questions for God” each week in our Wednesday Night Study.

The purpose of these “Questions for God”  is to prompt you to honestly approach your heavenly Father with uncertainties, fears, joys, and new discoveries. I encourage you to pray these questions to your Father, and note any responses He provides through His Word, the Holy Spirit, or wise fellow believers.


1) As I move toward death, am I backing away from my treasure, or moving toward it. Am I living in despair, or in joyful anticipation?

2) I recognize the potential my passions and desires have to cause great harm or to achieve great good. God, will You help me direct my treasure and my passions toward You and Your eternal purposes? 

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