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Although I am a wee bit early, I’d like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

new-years2010 is now a thing of the past and we are moving on to a whole new year. What do you think about that? Are you excited about the future? Disappointed with the past? Anxious about the days ahead? Longing for what once was?

One thing a New Year often does is to cause us to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. That often leads us to make New Year’s RESOLUTIONS. If you are a person like that I wish you the best of luck.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the enthusiasm of January 1st ever survives through Valentine’s Day… That’s why we keep having the same resolutions year after year. In fact, I think we could say this about the whole concept of Resolutions…












Okay, I’m probably not very creative with that– and maybe I sound kinda negative. But the point is this: every year we try to improve areas of our lives on our own and every year we fail and feel worse off then when we started.

With that in mind, we’re going to talk more about resolutions this Sunday. I will give you some great RESOLUTIONS for the new year that actually may make a difference in your life. (I know, I know… I just said I think resolutions are pointless– but you’ll just have to come Sunday to see what I mean.)

Looking forward to Sunday (and 2011)!!


Grace and peace,




Chris Adams underwent lung biopsy surgery last Thusday (Dec.30th). The sugery was successful (they got the lung tissue they wanted), but it is a very painful procedure.

Yesterday was particulary difficult, but the pain is being managed more effectivelty today. Some of the pain killers have Chris beleiving he is the Duke of Wellington and that he invented jello, but otherwise he is recovering nicely.

Please pray for Chris and Amy and their family. He will be in the hospital over the weekend (may come home Saturday).

Then they will await the result from the biopsy to discover a treatment for the lung issues he has been experiencing. Pray for that as well.

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