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Well, we made it back from Bermuda and enjoyed a wonderful time with Sara’s family. Fortunately, Hurricane Igor (it’s pronounced “eee-gore”– although I kept saying “eye-gore” because of the influence of the movie Young Frankenstein).grace2flogo-300x150

I’d like to thank Katie Adams for speaking last weekend on Mark 4:35-41 and unpacking the story of Jesus calming the storm. We all encounter storms in this life– and sometimes they seem to come in waves (pun intended if you desire… and if I actually made one)– but Jesus is with us. He does care. he is aware. He is powerful. He will protect… But he will also let us go through storms to actually experience his care, awareness, and protection.

This week we are looking at a story where Jesus calms another storm. But this one doesn’t come from the circumstances around us (bad weather, a down economy, an accident). Rather, this storm comes from within us. In Mark 5:1-20, we see Jesus heal a man possessed by a demon. In fact, this is probably the most detailed description of demon possession in the Bible.

Although this may seem irrelevant on the surface (we don’t think a lot about demon possession unless we’re going to a scary movie), this story is about you and it is about me.

Read Mark 5:1-20 and discover how Jesus transforms a “Man of the Tombs” and allows him to pass from death to life. It is a picture of everyone who has been transformed by the love, mercy, and power of Jesus.

Also this Sunday, we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.

One final note… We do not have recordings of the last two weeks. One week there were technical difficulties; last week I just forgot to give the recorder to someone. I apologize to those who wanted to listen to the messages.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,


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