Questions For God: Compounding Joy

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As we continue our series focusing on Randy Alcorn’s book The Treasure Principle, we have been looking at some “Questions for God” each week in our Wednesday Night Study.

The purpose of these “Questions for God”  is to prompt you to honestly approach your heavenly Father with uncertainties, fears, joys, and new discoveries. I encourage you to pray these questions to your Father, and note any responses He provides through His Word, the Holy Spirit, or wise fellow believers.


1)    Do I really believe that You have made me to be a giver? Am I convinced that I will feel Your pleasure when I give? God, help me to believe and to trust You enough to give.

2)    God, am I treating You as owner and CEO of “my” assets, or am I treating You merely as my financial consultant, to whom at best I pay a fee in the form of offerings?

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