Galatians-Peter & Cornelius

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Series: Galatians

Message: Peter & Cornelius

In order to understand Galatians 2, we need to understand Paul’s relationship with Peter. In order to understand Paul’s relationship with Peter, we need to see what God taught Peter in Acts 10 when he meets a Roman centurion named Cornelius.

April 14, 2019| Part 6: Paul & Cornelius| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church | Right Click This Link To Download Audio

April 14th News

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This week we will continue our series on Paul’s letter the Galatians.

To understand Galatians 2, we must understand Paul’s relationship to the apostle Peter.

Like all of us, Peter’s faith had many peaks and valleys. Like all of us, Peter was often confused by Jesus and how God works. And like all of us, Peter’s faith walk was a process.

This week we will look at how Peter’s view of the gospel changed radically with one powerful experience.

To prepare, read Acts 10 to see what happened.

Looking forward to Sunday!!


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