November 18th News

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What do River Dance, the Miami Heat, and the Church have in common? They all rely on unity to function as they were designed to be.

There is something inside each of us that desires to be a part of something bigger and more significant than ourselves. We know that we “can’t do it alone” and we were “made for relationships”. But we also know that we have a hard time actually putting these truths into practice.

Last week we started a series called Love One Another with a foundational message called “Why Love?” We looked at 1 Corinthians 13 where Paul makes a case for love in the church–the body of Christ. We talked about why love can be difficult (selfishness; individualism; fear; cost) and we dealt with the question Why do we love? (Because God loves us, Because God tells us to love, Because we were made to love, Because we show others God’s love, Because love is eternal)

This week, we will look at John 17:20-26. John 17 is the longest recorded prayer from Jesus in the Bible. And at the end he prays for us. What he says is important and we need to ponder it together. It is all about unity and how we need to value and love each other just as Jesus loves the Father and the Father loves Jesus.

Read the passage and come ready to hear about what Jesus wants for you and me– and how that relates to our understanding in how we can “love one another”.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,