The Lord of the Story– Jonah and the Storm

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Series: The Lord of the Story
In this message, we look at the story of Jonah and see that it is very much like our story– but it is also part of a bigger story that God is still telling.


March 16, 2014 | The Lord of the Story-Jonah and the Storm| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church |Download Audio

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March 16th News

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This week we conclude our series called  The Lord of the Story.

We will look at one more story from the Old Testament that I believe everyone knows something about. For some, it’s hard to swallow (hint). Other find the fact easier to stomach (hint). After reading it, you may have to change direction (hint) with some of you opinions about God. This is a story that will give perspective to the storms (hint) we may face in life.

Know what story we will be looking at this week?

To prepare read the Book of Jonah. It’s only four chapters and a very interesting narrative that challenges us on many levels.

Also, please pray for Frank Dunne, his wife Selina and their family as Frank is away in Tibet on a missions trip. He left Thursday morning at 3:20am and will be away for about two months.

Looking forward to Sunday!


Grace and peace,






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