What Is the Gospel? Part 4-The Narrative Gospel

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In this series we take a closer look at the Gospel.

In Part 4, we will see the whole story of the Gospel from Creation, to Fall, to Redemption, to Restoration. It is “His-Story”– God’s story and how we are a part of it. This week we get the first half of the story– Creation and Fall– and we see that all of us are separated from God when we enter the world. That is bad news… But there is hope. Next week we will see where that hope comes from and how it can change your life for eternity.

I learned the Narrative Gospel from one of my most important mentors and friends. His name is Dr. David Nicholas and he was my pastor and boss for 12 years. David is now at home with Jesus– but his influence will live on through all of the people he pastored, mentored, loved, and taught.


September 22, 2013 | What Is the Gospel? 4| Sermon | Virginia Beach Church |Download Audio

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